Auth0 website constantly slow and inaccessible (again)

This is a repost of an old topic I’ve opened, as this continues to be an issue:

Good afternoon Auth0 team. I am currently developing an application with auth0.
Often, when I try to reach a page typically in the documentation part of the site, the page does not load. The top bar might load, along with some assets. The rest of the content/text, however, does not. When I try to close the page, everything freezes and I usually have to force close the tab through the chrome task manager.

I am using a macbook pro with plenty of RAM and a small workload at any given time. I believe there is a memory leak of some kind on the site. I kindly ask you to investigate this issue, as the documentation is a crucial part of the experience.

The following image is a common occurance.

Hey there!

Hmm that’s interesting can you send us the HAR file of the flow when you’re trying to access our sites so we can check what is happening behind the scenes of your browser? Thanks! Make sure to send the HAR file to me via private message.

I experience the same, starting yesterday. Manage is unacceptable slow most of the time. I experienced this yesterday over the day but during the night it became better. Today same issue. You basically cannot work at all.

Can you also send me the HAR file over DM? Thanks!

Hey, please see here for the HAR. Its too big to upload it here.

I’ll look into it and get back to you soon!

Woaaaah! Indeed some of the requests take sooooo much time! Is it like everytime you try this or did it use to happen during certain times? I know it will be hard to observe but did you find some pattern when it worked so slow?

Unfortunately there was not pattern besides that fact that all requests were affected. It looks like at least all pages that I continiuously use (Applications, Switch Environments, API) were affected, including login and so on. It occured yesterday during the evening again, the third day in a row.

But it looks like there is a pattern regarding the daytime. It looks like in the european afternoon and evening it bocomes worse -> until requests completely fail like you can see in the HAR file. It usually becomes better at german midnight or so. Repeatingly calling pages had nearly no affect. Also it was irrelevant if I called a specific URL before already. Of course disabling browser caching (like in the example in you HAR file) made it even worse. The Auth0 Management UI was the only affected website. Neither Auth0 services nor any other websites out there that I use were affected.

Right now it works too, switching pages loads for about 3 seconds which is not superfast but absolutely workable.

Gotchya! Thanks for providing all that feedback let me analyze that with the engineering team and get back to you soon!

It’s quite strange as we don’t have others reporting similar behaviour but I just opened an internal support request and our engineering team is gonna look into the HAR file and potentially I will ask you to perform other actions or provide more details. Thanks a lot! You can just send me your tenant name via private message for now

Yes, its really kind of strange and technically not really explainable. However we used Auth0 Mgmt Console heavily yesterday and think worked reasonably fast.

Gotchya! Once I have the info back from engineering I will get back to you!

@ValeSauer can you send me your tenant name via private message?

I am currently starting work on a new app/website. Currently planning to have 1 BE API set to start, probably graphql (which will be user data/information and need to check with the auth server about being protected). I will also have many client apps (web, mobile, potential partners) that will need to make queries to that BE mcdvoice survey

Hey there @Schultz!

Can you open another topic for that because this one is certainly about something totally different. Here’s the one about response times from our services . Thanks!