Auth0 website constantly slow and inaccessible

Good afternoon Auth0 team. I am currently developing an application with auth0.
Often, when I try to reach a page typically in the documentation part of the site, the page does not load. The top bar might load, along with some assets. The rest of the content/text, however, does not. When I try to close the page, everything freezes and I usually have to force close the tab through the chrome task manager.

I am using a macbook pro with plenty of RAM and a small workload at any given time. I believe there is a memory leak of some kind on the site. I kindly ask you to investigate this issue, as the documentation is a crucial part of the experience.

Hey there!

Thanks for reporting that! A few other users also reported that yesterday but I believe judging by internal discussion that everything should be back to normal now. Thank you!

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