Auth0 turning on Passkey and turning off username/password - what if I (admin) loose my passkey?

If I turn on Passkey and disable username/password, what is my backup if I (as the administrator) loose my passkey (e.g. my windows machine crashes and I have to use a new machine…that does not have sync’ed passkeys)?

Is there an admin account backdoor that I can use to regain admin access to my auth0 tenant, in case I loose my setup passkey? For example, can I leave username/password on for my admin account for backup?

Hi @ajbily !

Passkey can be saved in your machine but also in your browser account like Google account:

Another MFA factor for your Auth0 dashboard Access, for example one-time password with Google Authenticator, can be used in case your passkey-based login fail. You should be prompted to Try another method → one time password (in case you’ve also lost your phone, you are still in possession of a recovery code, that can be regenerated at any time via your Auth0 dashboard).

The last resort would be posting here in the community that you have lost access to your Auth0 dashboard (without providing any further details) so we can create on your behalf an internal support ticket and a support agent would contact you by your email to start recovering your access.

Please let me know if I can assist you with any questions on this topic!

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