Auth0 social logins

Does auth0 provide custom keys for social login in any of it’s plans?
Or do we need to get our own set of keys and secrets for all the social identity providers we want to use like google , apple and microsoft . Is there a way I can get them using auth0 for production mode?

Hey there!

What do you mean exactly by custom keys for social login?

What I mean is basically client id and client secret . I see a red symbol on my login page saying that I am using auth0 keys which can only be used in development mode not in production mode
So how do I remove them?
Does auth0 not provide some custom keys in its plans

Gotchya! So here’s what you’re looking for:

it’s worth checking our forum cause sometimes people could ask the same question in the past.

Yaa so that’s my question. Does auth0 provide me with API Key and Secret Key in some of it’s plan?

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