Auth0 Redirect wait time is 8seconds!

We are using Auth0 New Universal Login but our onboarding flow first checks to see if the user is logged in, if not it redirects to the “Create Account” flow.

When doing so, Auth0 has a long wait time that we can’t explain.

Our main URL is:

This then lands on: (custom domain Auth0 UL) with state:

Does anyone see the core issue here?

One possible cause of the long wait time is that you are not using a custom domain for Auth0.

The customizations to the universal login pages only take effect if the custom domain is enabled and used. This applies to all the pages/prompts (e.g. login page, mfa page, password reset page, etc).

Another possible cause is that you are redirecting users to the /login page directly, instead of the proper authorization request endpoint (e.g., /authorize if you are using OpenID Connect). The Auth0 documentation also states that you should always redirect users to the proper authorization request endpoint. If you redirect users to the /login page directly, they will get an error unless you have configured the default login route.