Custom domain issues


I’m trying to setup a custom domain but it still redirects me to the standard dev-xxxx domain? The verification has been approved and I have talked to the AWS support that confirms that the CName redirect is working fine. Currently, all traffic that is going to is passed to the root ( The AWS support told me the following:

“So yes, the redirect is coming from the website telling the browser to go back to So indeed, you would need to check the config at to find where that redirect is being set”

What am I doing wrong? How do I fix this?


Hi @linus1

Have you checked Configure Features to Use Custom Domains ?

You’ll also need to use the new custom domain in your authentication request. As an example, if you use one of Auth0’s SDKs, you’ll need to start the authentication request with your custom domain, as shown here: Configure Features to Use Custom Domains


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