Login does not redirect to Custom Domain

We already added and verified a custom domain (ex. auth.dev.mydomain.com) in our dev tenant.

I can get the login page to have the custom domain locally, but when I try to log in our deployed page, the login page has the tenant url (ex. tenant.us.auth0.com).

We are using auth0-nextjs package, and already changed the AUTH0_ISSUER_BASE_URL secret to have the value of our custom domain. Is there something we are missing?

We appreciate all the help and advice we get :slight_smile: thank you in advance.

Hi @margarza,

You will also have to update your AUTH0_BASE_URL in your environment variables to point to your custom domain.

Please let us know how this goes for you.


we just tried updating our AUTH0_BASE_URL environment variable, but still we are being redirected to the tenant url :frowning: do you have another suggestion we can try? or is there some documentation we can follow about using a custom domain with auth0-next-js package?

@rueben.tiow , Also, maybe the problem is our custom login page that we are using, we have set this param like: domain: config.auth0Domain,, and the config.auth0Domain is set to our tenant url, we don’t know why it is not taking our custom domain.