Custom Domains not being referenced by tenant

I am using Auth0 in my nextJS project. For my project, we have a custom domain set-up and verified, however the custom domain name does not show up when hitting the login endpoint, instead it only shows the default domain name. Using the universal login playground however does spin up the actual required domain. We are using the default universal login, and there is no custom code. I am unsure why the custom name is not showing up when the docs suggest that this should automatically be updated.

Also, does editing the colours on the universal login editor classify it as a custom login?

Hi @arjun

I am not sure what you mean when you say ‘does not show up’.

When you configure Auth0 in your project, you provide a domain name. Which one do you provide? That is the one it will use when kicking off the auth flow.

I don’t think changing the colors will mark the login page as customized.