Auth0 Quota explanation for customers

Problem statement

We realize that we have exceeded the limit of their MAU or M2M Tokens in the quota utilization. What will happen to our subscription? Will our service be cut off?


The quota utilization shows that the subscription limits were exceeded.


Okta Customer Identity Cloud does not impose hard limits on MAUs or M2M tokens for customers under a paid subscription. Even if you exceed the limits, your service will not be affected. It applies only to self-service customers as the behaviour is different for enterprise customers.

Auth0 quota is calculated by averaging the usage of your last three months. If this average is under the limit, it is not considered to be over quota. Therefore, you are able to surpass the limits of certain months but still be considered within the quota range. If it happens to be the case that you exceed the limits for three consecutive months, you will be asked to upgrade the subscription. At most, the system will perform an automatic upgrade so that the subscription fits your tenant’s usage. But the service will never be interrupted.

If you receive the exceeded quota emails with the below message:

“If you need help or have any questions, you can review our FAQs, our Terms of Service, or reply directly to this email and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon. Additionally, as part of the continuous improvement of our systems, we have made some changes to the consumption reporting data source. Based on our prior usage reporting, your usage exceeded the limit before our reporting change was implemented. You remain over the limit today, and should move to a new plan. The mechanisms you currently use to report on your quota consumption remain unchanged. Please adjust your plan based on your usage.*”

You may reply to the email to get assistance from an Over Quota specialist.