Auth0 Lost MFA main account


I’m having a problem, we have an account but we no longer have the MFA, the phone on which it was record has been deleted, which means that we are blocked outside of the Auth0 account.
To request support, you must be connected to the Auth0 account. How can I get help? Ideally to reset the MFA.

I hope you can help me, thank you in advance.
Best regards

Hi @intranet_ldap

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Can you send you tenant name and contact email to the @support group via DM? We’ll create a ticket for the Support team on your behalf.


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Dear Dawid,

I had a contact with Claudia Teijeiro Rey and Tyf but after 5 days, I am still waiting an answer from Tyf and Claudia.
I am waiting either for a support offer from Claudia (if we doesn’t have), a answer from Tyf and/or for your help from the helpdesk.

What happens? Where is the mail, I am waiting since 4 days from your support to our adresse intranet_ldap?

Sorry to bother you but a quick answer takes less than 5 minutes and I am unhappy with your responsiveness following this situation.

Kind regards