Please help me in deleting my Auth0 Account

Hi @support & @konrad.sopala , I need help with deleting my Auth0 account as I have lost my MFA device, I don’t have the Recovery keys as well. I am stuck right now. Kindly help me in deleting my account so that I can recreate or let me know how I can remove MFA for my account.


Hi @dasari.krishna

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Can you dm me your tenant name so I can proceed with the MFA reset.


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Hi @dawid.matuszczyk, thanks for the reply.

I was in the tenant before. Since I lost my MFA, I asked my team to remove and add back to the tenant thinking that it would reset my MFA. But it didn’t help. Right now I am not a member in any of the tenants. If it is not possible to reset MFA in this case, you can delete my account,


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