Auth0 Login Screen throwing error

All of my Auth0 applications and tenants are throwing the following error ("Something went wrong. Please contact technical support) with no other hints or messages on the Auth0 hosted page. Everything was working correctly as soon as 19 hours ago.

Anyone know where to go from here?


More info from browser dev tools, looks like the CDN hosting auth0 isn’t responding:

I can confirm, seeing the same problem here.

This is the error I’m getting when I try to load the file directly via a fresh safari tab:

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We had an intermittent issue with CDN for a small subset of free customers in EU region using older Lock versions, and it has been resolved. Can you please check to see if you’re still experiencing the previous challenge? Thanks!

Thanks for the details - still occurring from Seattle, WA, USA. We may also be experiencing the issue due to an older package - working on upgrading locally to see if it fixes the issue.

We have the same problem to our auth0 application.
Do you have an idea?

Thanks EU has been fixed, now working on applying same fix state side.

Issue fixed for my app.

Fixed should have been applied now to the US instances. Can everyone please confirm?

Thanks in advance!

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Confirmed here, thanks!

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We’ve received positive feedback on the issue being resolved across the board. Marking the challenge solved but if you run into any further issues related to this please let us know!

I’m now seeing this error on mine:

checked as of 9:14am PST

Nevermind. Once I changed the version of lock to in the custom layout, it worked again.

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Thanks for the update @dev_cb!

out of curiosity, is there a latest version of the lock, such as:

that will just inherit whatever the latest version is? Looks like it’s being consistently updated (which is very good), but also means we have to keep it updated

@James.Morrison: We experienced this error again this morning (about the same time as @dev_cb) and it was resolved on it’s own. Were/are you expecting this to be an intermittent issue going forward?

This should not be an intermittent issue going forward. Any instance of said issue is brought up to our team to review and determine what may be a root cause of the challenge. I’m glad you are no longer facing this issue but please keep us posted if it pops up again!

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