Getting an error when fetching client data for Lock

I get this on application load. I’m using the Auth Lock module with React under Node.

Error: An error occurred when fetching client data for Lock: could not be loaded

This is the error when try to access that CDN file.

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

The error in question is triggered if the associated client identifier does not map to an existing client application.

Ensure that you correctly configured Auth0 Lock with the client identifier of one the client applications you have configured in your Dashboard. In particular the client identifier in the request that is triggering the error seems longer than the client identifier currently being issued by Auth0.

Ugh…of course you’re right. My ID got mangled somehow.

I owe you. Thanks a bunch.

@jmangelo1 Strangely, if I use the custom login page it works. I double and triple-checked the clientId just to be sure.

But the error in the request is the exactly the same as the one in the question? If it is that is very strange if the same URL works on HLP and fails in client app.