Auth0 Lock Login Clicking Enter instead of Button

Not quite sure when or why it started happening, but for some reason, I’ve always been able to type in my username and password and then click enter on my keyboard to login, but recently clicking enter closes the modal instead. I either have to click tab twice to get the cursor onto the enter or I have to manually click it with my mouse.

Has anyone experienced this?


Hey there @gordonlimusic1!

I think it’s the first time someone from our community reported that. Can you DM me the HAR file so I can investigate it further?

Here’s more info on what HAR files are:

Thanks a lot!

Hi! Thanks for the response. I did that but it did not really tell me anything with the HAR. Can we speak over DM or chat?


Sure! Moving to the DM. Will post the solution to the thread here once we discuss it.