Login button inside any documentation doesnt do anything?

As I scour the auth0 documentation (thanks for keeping them so up-to-date!), I find myself wanting to login to “configure this snippet with your account.” However, whenever I click this, it just refreshes the page I’m in, and I’m still not logged in.

I’d imagine this would be a big issue on auth0’s end if it were happening across the board and assuming no one else has brought it up, I think this is an issue on my end.

Is there something I could try to get this working?

Hey there!

I’ll make sure to report it to our docs team but can you tell me what browser and its version are you using? Thanks!

Hey @konrad.sopala

Thanks for reaching out. I’m just using chrome for Linux (Version 88.0.4324.182 (Official Build) (64-bit)) but also see the same issue with my firefox client.

Thanks for providing that context. I’ll get back to you as soon as I get some response from the Docs team.

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Hey there! Got one follow-up question. Do you get the login prompt and enter your credentials? Or does the page refresh as soon as you click the Login button in the banner?

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Hey @konrad.sopala

Thanks for looking into it – the page just refreshes as soon as I click the Login button; no login prompt.

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Thanks I’ll relay that to the docs team!

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I just repinged the Docs team regarding that.

Hey there!

I’ve got an update that nobody from the docs team were actually able to reproduce that but they’ve got another question:

Can you successfully log into the management dashboard?

Hey @konrad.sopala thanks for following up.

Yes I can get into the dashboard, just the Login inside any docs page doesn’t do anything other than a page refresh.

I can send you an email of a video if you’d like (looks like I can’t attach mp4s in here).

It would be perfect!

Sure, what’s your email? Can reply here or message me privately.

Just sent it to you via private message.

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Hey there everyone!

A little update regarding this one. We’re still investigating that. We’re at a the step of analyzing the HAR file to understand what is happening behind the scenes of the browser. We’ll keep you posted!