Auth0 and freshdesk integration. Twice login

I configured SSO connection between Auth0 app and Freshdesk and see strange behavior.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Login to app. Now you have an active session.
  2. Try to go to freshdesk (SSO already configured) via link<mycomp_alias>?client_id=<client_Id>&redirect_uri=https://<my_comp_alias>
  3. Freshdesk redirect me back to the app and I see login page. After I enter my creds once again - Auth0 redirect me back to the Freshdesk and logged me in.

Expected behavior - I login to the app, have an active Auth0 session, trying to go to the FD via link and I should be automatically logged in to the FD (without enter my credentials twice) because I already logged in the app and have Auth0 active session.

Thanks in advance!