Have independent sessions between front-office and back-office


In the meanwhile, the support let met know that this feature is not available yet, and would be good to be shared as a “feedback” for consideration in the future roadmap of Auth0. So I change the category from general to feedback. :slight_smile:

The 2 workarounds that have been suggested are:

- Use 2 separate login URLs for the 2 sessions, 1 URL per session, i.e. a custom URL (auth.mywebsite.com) for the front and the Auth0 URL (mywebsite.eu.auth0.com) for the back-office - I’ll test this one.
- Use different browsers

Suggestion: would it make sense to have 2 custom URLs to solve it? For me, it sounds like a good solution.

Original question

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Is it possible to have separate sessions between 2 apps that don’t collide?

To give a bit more context, our application has 2 sides: the front-office and the back-office. The user base is not the same, so we have made 2 separate applications and 2 databases in the auth0 dashboard. The issue is that they seem to collide.

  • When I sign in on front, then open the back, the session is wrong and it asks me to sign in again
  • Then if I sign in on the back, it invalidates the session on the front.
  • If I get back to the front and sign in, it invalidates the session on the back…

As a back-office user, I typically also have a front session / user. And I’d like to open both the front and the back in 2 tabs (e.g. add a product on the back, refresh the front to ensure it’s visible).

Is it possible? Any tip about where I should get started? I haven’t found any doc article or forum post related to this case.

I’ve noticed all apps in a given tenant use the same auth0 sign in URL, which suggests there is only one session per tenant… :thinking:

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for sharing all that with the rest of community!