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We have 3 separate web applications that we’re trying to secure with Auth0 universal login using a custom domain (ex. The question should these 3 separate applications have their own applications in Auth0? ex. app-a → application a (Auth0), app-b → application b (Auth0), etc… Also, if they need to be setup as separate applications in Auth0, can they share the same login domain?


Hi @imad,

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Typically, yes!


Hope that helps!

Thanks for your response Dan.

We’ll proceed with the 3 applications setup.

Final question. Is there documentation on how we configure the custom domain to go to a default application? ex. if I am sharing the domain with 3 applications and the user bookmarks, I want to default to (which will redirect user to login screen).


I’m not sure if I see the flow you are describing exactly, but this may be helpful:

This is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for your support.

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