Freshdesk Auth0 SAML2 Single Sign On

I am configuring a proof of concept using Auth0 as SSO Idp for Freshdesk.

I have configured the Auth0 and Freshdesk environments per some guidance I found in Stack Overflow. javascript - How to integrate freshdesk with auth0? - Stack Overflow

Freshdesk is successfully directing login requests to the Auth0 login screen. However, when I submit login credentials the response from Freshdesk is:

“Saml configuration error: saml response is not signed. please make the saml response is signed in your idp.”

If I change my settings in the Auth0 SAML2 Add Ons configuration settings to "signResponse": true the error simply becomes:

“Saml configuration error: saml assertion is not signed. please make the saml assertion is signed in your idp.”

Any ideas on how I can sign both?

Was able to resolve this by changing a setting on Freshdesk.

What setting did you change in Freshdesk?

In the “Edit SSO” panel, there is a setting “Signing Options” and I changed it to “Only signed assertions.”