Auth0 Admin Verification Email Not Received

We are attempting to complete the activation of account. In order to perform any non-trivial actions - like adding users to a tenant, it requires us to verify the email address. This is all well and good, however when we click the myriad of links asking us to do this, we are never actually sent a verification email. We’ve verified that the email address does work, and the Junk Mail folder is empty. (We received the verification e-mail for verifying out community support account here however) The email address is spelled correctly and all in the settings. We have been asking the system to send us verification emails so we can complete this task for a few days now

Is there something we might be missing here? It seems that until we can verify the e-mail address, there is no other way to receive support - even the email address we were given to contact simply redirected us back to page for creating a support ticket… which we can’t do because the verification e-mail isn’t coming in.

We are open to suggestions / assistance anyone can provide.