Assorted Bugs/Issues

Hi there,

We have come across a number of issues/bugs that we felt were worth raising:

  • Sendgrid key getting overridden after YAML import (would be great if this could be fixed)
  • New Universal Login not validating value is an email address when configured for email address only (minor but unexpected)
  • YAML config order not deterministic - order of certain items changing between exports, i.e. hooks (minor but frustrating)
  • Validation from WrongUsernameOrPasswordError shows as issue with password form field specifically, when it could be an email validation issue (minor but not great UX)


Hey there @JonHarvey!

Can I ask you to provide that feedback to our product team so you can directly discuss it with one of our product managers? They should reach out to you within 10 business days. For future reference if you want to file such bugs / issues list please either do it via GitHub issues (if the thing has a repo) or simply use our product feedback form (from which you will be contacted by our product managers). You can find the latter one here: