Are Auth0 fees prorated?

About B2C - PROFESSIONAL If a contract is started in the middle of a month, how is the billing for the middle month considered?
For example, if the contract started on July 20, the billing for July 20-31 would be
Would I be charged for the entire month based on the number of MAUs that occurred during that period?
Or will it be pro-rated, etc.?

Hey there!

Not sure about it but let me confirm it with the team!

I just got a confirmation that the belling period for your example will start on July 20th.

Thanks for the confirmation.

If so, is the charge for July 100% of the bill?
Or is the charge 33% (=10/30days)?

The second. So the first full billing month will be 20th July - 20th August

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Thank you for your answers, I understand it now

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No problem! We’re here for you!