Apple Sign In does not redirect back to app

I have problem with apple sign when it does redirect users back to app

I don’t know how to check further more, however, I believe there was an error somewhere in configuration. I checked for my service key, but I am unable to see the configured domain now.

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Are you getting any errors in the auth0 logs or in your console? Also, have you setup your apple development keys in auth0?

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I don’t see any logs. Additionally, I think the guide here is outdated, I don’t see domain section in that area of apple developer account.

@dotronglong Would you send me the name of your tenant via DM please?

I don’t have an active apple dev account to verify the situation, but I can pass the info along to our docs team. Which section in particular are your referring to? This one?

This is my apple configuration when updating and creating new service key, respectively

Having the same problem.
On Logs I get a successful login, but not redirecting to the app only a blank page.

Seems related to this.

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This looks identical to the behavior I described in the post referenced by @pau:

Apple is planning to release the fix in iOS 13.4. There are additional details and workarounds in the original thread.




Thanks for the update @matt.macadam!

Hi everyone,

Apple released iOS 13.4 last night. One of our engineers tested it and confirmed the bug described in this post is fixed. Just keep in mind when supporting your users that this is only fixed in 13.4 and above.