/api/v2/branding/themes/default returning 404

I’m looking to programmatically update the default branding theme via the management API.
In one of my tenants (containing a lot of pre-existing config), the following API call returns the theme ID of the default theme:
It can then be used in subsequent update calls.

In a newly created tenant (but still configured to use the New Universal Login), the same endpoint /api/v2/branding/themes/default returns a 404.

I would have assumed that it would always return the theme ID of the default theme, given it is called “default”. There is default branding configuration (colors, fonts, etc.) visible in the UI, so there clearly is a default theme.

Why does the endpoint return 404 and what needs to be changed so that it starts returning the theme ID?

Hi @martin.davidson,

Can you please post the exact request you are using, and DM me the name of the tenant? Thank you!

edit: It looks like you will receive a 404 if you haven’t made any changes to the original theme settings.

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