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I’m trying to create a new theme for the universal login using the Management API.
I want to use this theme in just one application.
When sending the request to ‘api/v2/branding/themes’ I get the following response:

“statusCode”: 409,
“error”: “Conflict”,
“message”: “There was an error creating branding settings: theme already exists”,
“errorCode”: “theme_already_exists”

Is it not possible to have more than one theme? Or any ideas what I’m missing?

Hi @ignacio.aba,

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Could you please share an example of the request you made to the /api/v2/branding/themes endpoint?


Hey @rueben.tiow,
this is the body:

    "colors": {
        "primary_button": "#1522AC",
        "primary_button_label": "#ffffff",
        "secondary_button_border": "#c9cace",
        "secondary_button_label": "#c9cace",
        "base_focus_color": "#05B0F5",
        "base_hover_color": "#000000",
        "links_focused_components": "#635dff",
        "header": "#f3f3f3",
        "body_text": "#f3f3f3",
        "widget_background": "#FFFFFF",
        "widget_border": "#c9cace",
        "input_labels_placeholders": "#65676e",
        "input_filled_text": "#c9cace",
        "input_border": "#c9cace",
        "input_background": "#2B3035",
        "icons": "#65676e",
        "error": "#c47894",
        "success": "#7fb49f",
        "captcha_widget_theme": "light"
    "fonts": {
        "font_url": "",
        "reference_text_size": 16,
        "title": {
            "bold": false,
            "size": 150
        "subtitle": {
            "bold": false,
            "size": 87.5
        "body_text": {
            "bold": false,
            "size": 87.5
        "buttons_text": {
            "bold": false,
            "size": 100
        "input_labels": {
            "bold": false,
            "size": 100
        "links": {
            "bold": true,
            "size": 87.5
        "links_style": "normal"
    "borders": {
        "button_border_weight": 1,
        "buttons_style": "rounded",
        "button_border_radius": 3,
        "input_border_weight": 1,
        "inputs_style": "rounded",
        "input_border_radius": 3,
        "widget_corner_radius": 5,
        "widget_border_weight": 0,
        "show_widget_shadow": true
    "widget": {
        "logo_position": "center",
        "logo_url": "",
        "logo_height": 52,
        "header_text_alignment": "center",
        "social_buttons_layout": "bottom"
    "page_background": {
        "page_layout": "center",
        "background_color": "#FFFFFF",
        "background_image_url": ""
    "displayName": "Website Theme"

Hi @ignacio.aba,

Ah yes, in this situation, you will need to update your branding theme instead of creating a new one.

To do so, please call the Mangaement API’s Update branding theme endpoint.

Lastly, you may find this related knowledge solution relevant and helpful:


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Got it! Thank you for your reply!

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