Different themes for different applications

Feature: Different theme for each application in the same tenant

Description: My team would like for Auth0 to be able to have different theming (eg button colors, fonts, logo, etc) for each application under the same tenant. Ideally developers would be able to use the Management API to specify a branding theme per application name or id.

Use-case: We’re using the New Universal Login. We have multiple applications under the same tenant because we have multiple brands that will share the same database of users. Brand A might need red buttons and a specific font while Brand B wants blue buttons, a larger logo, and green links. We’re using the Management API to make all of these updates.

Right now we have a workaround and are updating our liquid template like {% if application.name == “BrandA” %} button[name=“action”] { background: orange!important }. However we would like a more supported method of doing this. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback @marissas! Don’t forget to go ahead and upvote this yourself :slight_smile: