Branding theme configuration via terraform

Hey, I am having trouble synchronising branding theme for universal login using terraform. When deploying it says

Error: 409 Conflict: There was an error creating branding settings: theme already exists

but I am unable to find its id to import to terraform so it would update instead of create.

TF Resource I am trying to use: Terraform Registry

It seems that id of default theme is default, it imported succesfully into terraform, and it’s showing diff, but when deploying terraform it’s throwing error Error: 400 Bad Request: Path validation error: 'Object didn't pass validation for format theme-id: default' on property themeId (The ID of the theme).

it seems that it’s fixed with latest provider version and latest terraform.

It works after upgrading to provider 0.45.0 from 0.42.0.

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Perfect! Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

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