Universal Login Configuration

I am not sure if the Universal Login area in the dashboard can be managed via the management API. I’ve looked through all the API docs and cant seem to find anything around this.

It is possible to set Classic vs New experience via the /prompts endpoint, but does it end there?

How can I modify the Company Logo, Primary Color and Page Background color via the Management API.

And lastly and more importantly, how do we modify the actual HTML for the login page via the Management API.

thanks you for those reading this :slight_smile:

You can set the parameters used in styling Universal Login through the branding endpoints.

Right now you can’t change the HTML for the New Login Experience. Changing the HTML will automatically switch that particular page back to the Classic Login Experience.

If you still want to change the HTML of the Classic Login Experience page, I believe that’s done through the update tenant settings endpoint. However, wouldn’t you know it, the one undocumented thing there is changing the login page HTML! :hushed: I’d suggest calling the get tenant settings endpoint and seeing what that returns, then reverse engineering from there.

Appreciate the reply thijmen96.

You’re right, the branding endpoints do have support for changing the simple styling.

I did have a look at the tenant endpoint though, but nothing comes back that contains the login page html. Not sure if its possible to change this at the moment via Management API as on more digging, it looks like from the docs that Auth0 is taking this approach to dealing with the login page management… https://auth0.com/docs/universal-login/version-control

But thanks again for taking the time to comment

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