Unable to customize universal login page from the management dashboard

I have an application where we have customized the universal login - login page. Since customization, we have added a custom domain.

Now, when I make changes to the customized login page, the changes don’t show on the login url for the custom domain. (Note, the changes DO show on the login url that does not use the custom domain)

Are there two versions of this customized login page somehow? Maybe some caching or something??
Any other ideas on how I can customize the universal login page again without losing my custom domain?


Hi Danp,

This one is a little hard to find. See the docs here: https://auth0.com/docs/custom-domains/additional-configuration#universal-login

This should fix it.



After a little more investigation, we have discovered that our automation that calls the auth0 management APIs is correctly deploying the universal login pages, but the management dashboard isn’t showing the changes and isn’t updating when we manually make changes. It is almost like there are two versions of the page.

When deploying settings with the API, is there some overridding setting that prevents updates from the management dashboard going forward?