Allow multiple custom domains for multitenant applications

We need this. Do you have a status @konrad.sopala ?

Hey there!

It’s already in our backlog but now public dates still for the release of that. As soon as I know something I will let you know!

We request this feature directly from auth0 and they told us that we can achieve it through multiple tenants. But the minimal annual cost is approximately 30k $. So not really feasible for the smaller companies, which don’t have a corporate budget

So + 1 for having this functionality in B2B essentials, professional or start-up tiers

We also desperately need multiple custom domains :pray:


I think we need this too. Basically we want to have separate the login sessions for two SPA apps. So we could login with a separate user for site1 vs site2.

eg. and

The cookie domain appears to be tied to the custom domain of the tenant: Authentication API Cookies
so, to do this without multiple tenants we would need to be able to create a custom domain having a unique subdomain for each site.

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+1 We need it too for creating a white label app


+1 strange it is not there yet

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+1 … this feature must be added

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@konrad.sopala any news? Is it on the roadmap or something? We understand it might be a tricky feature to add with the current design of the auth0 entities. But for many businesses, it is a critical feature for their growth

+1 We absolutely need this to effectively white label.