Converting multiple Auth0 tenants to Universal Login with custom domains

Currently we are running about 7 auth0 tenants(one for each dev/prod environment we use). Each tenant has it’s own apis, applications, and Universal Login page. The problem we are running into is Safari is blocking auth0’s cookies being set (show’s as 3rd party) so login will fail. We have implemented a custom domain in one of the tenants to solve the issue. While it works fine, would we then need to elevate every auth0 tenant to allow for a custom domain per tenant or is there a better way? Maybe converting to multi-tenant application? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello Joel.

I realise this is an old post, so I imagine you have solved the problem, but since I have a similar question I would love to know how you solved it.

From reading your description, I imagine the answer was to keep the seven Auto0 tenants separate, and implement a custom domain for each of them. This would mean the cookies would appear to Safari as first party cookies…and it would work.

Do I read it right and was that your answer? If you could spare the time to let me know how you got past that blocker I would really appreciate it as you could save me a lot of time.