Multiple Custom Sub Domains are not supported

It appears you currently don’t support multiple custom domains. As you may know, recent changes to browser security (safari and soon to be chrome), 3rd party cookies are not allowed and it breaks your silent authentication. The fix is in many threads here is to use custom domains so the cookie is from the same domain and therefore accepted. However, we access the login from multiple domains and therefore need multiple custom subdomains. Is there any solution for this?

Hey there!

Let me discuss it with our product managers and get back to you shortly!

Hi @konrad.sopala - Just checking in to see if you had a chance to reach out to your product managers…

Yep but still don’t have an update on that front. Let me reping them

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I’ve just got an update from one of our product managers.

We haven’t prioritized working on supporting multiple custom domains just yet. However, third party cookies should not be a problem if you are using Universal Login for login, and refresh token rotation for renewing your access tokens.