Allow multiple custom domains for multitenant applications

Feature: Allow multiple custom domains for the same tenant

Description: Currently auth0 only allows one custom domain. We need to have am ability to use multiple custom domains.

Use-case: Assume we are building a multi tenant application. We would like to offer to a large enterprise customers ability to apply their own domain name to our application. As we need to keep all our apps on the same domain as auth0 hosted universal page, we need to be able to apply the customer custom domain to auth0 universal login page.

Thanks for advocating for that! Let’s see if there are other people interested in such feature!


Yes, even we need this feature. It is a must.

Thank you for putting +1 to this Mayur!

We need multiple custom domains too, please.
thank you

Thanks for adding your +1 to it!

We need this feature too. For our white-label clients with their custom domains (I suppose this is popular case) Make it please :slight_smile:

This would also solve an issue we’re having: we need to implement custom domains because of ITP blocking logins, but can’t as we have multiple domains sharing a tenant.

We need one Google social connection per unique domain (Google won’t approve our project otherwise) and that’s why we need multiple custom domains per tenant, one per each unique domain in part.

+1, We need this feature too or some way of modifying cookies so that we can support multiple tenants login with multiple SSO sessions