Allow multiple custom domains for multitenant applications

Big +1. Even if you need to price it per domain or something.


Thank you for advocating for that!

A big +1 from me as well - this restriction to one single Custom Domain is causing us all kinds of headaches as we integrate with Universal Login. Are there any updates on this yet @konrad.sopala?


Also a huge +1 from me, this feature is highly required by our clients.


+1, we’re using different domains for different apps and embedded login. Multiple custom domains would allow us to skip cross-site cookies blocking issues (which is actually not an option since Safari blocks them by default nowadays)


+1 This important feature is missing for multi-tenant applications

Hey there everyone! Thank you for upvoting this features constantly. We’re doing our best and regularly communicate that to our product managers!


+1 here as well (white label application)

+1 from here (also a white label application)

+1 from me as well, this will solve lots of our problem in our current implementation.

+1 We are needing this also in our use cases, for now we are trying to do some work arrounds but its a seriously needed use cas.e

+1 We really need this also, it will simplify a lot an ongoing implementation for which we actually need to put complex workarounds.

+1 This is really a bummer, i recently upgraded to paid version of auth0 thinking i will get custom domains, but i only get it for one tenant.

+1 This is also a serious limitation for my company’s Auth0 implementation. We’ve spent a lot of engineer time looking for various ways to enable Chrome Incognito/Safari logins across the various applications associated with our tenant. These applications are hosted in different domains.

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Hey there everyone! We just reviewed this feedback card with our Product Team and this item is on our backlog but unfortunately still I cannot disclose any public dates.

+1 we need multiple domains, because we are in the same group but different companies.

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+1 This feature is really needed!! We need this to allow us to scale on different domains.

So at this point if we needed multiple custom domains, we’d need to have an Auth0 Subscription per domain?

We need multiple custom domains too.

We need this. Do you have a status @konrad.sopala ?