Allow multiple custom domains for multitenant applications

Big +1. Even if you need to price it per domain or something.

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Thank you for advocating for that!

A big +1 from me as well - this restriction to one single Custom Domain is causing us all kinds of headaches as we integrate with Universal Login. Are there any updates on this yet @konrad.sopala?


Also a huge +1 from me, this feature is highly required by our clients.


+1, we’re using different domains for different apps and embedded login. Multiple custom domains would allow us to skip cross-site cookies blocking issues (which is actually not an option since Safari blocks them by default nowadays)


+1 This important feature is missing for multi-tenant applications

Hey there everyone! Thank you for upvoting this features constantly. We’re doing our best and regularly communicate that to our product managers!

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+1 here as well (white label application)