B2B App with separate auth0 tenant per organization

I have some contradictions on the documentations I want to clarify.

The organization feature allows customizing the login/emails and other aspects of my app organization customers journey, I would be able to have {organization}.app.com login page for each of my app organization, behind the scenes authorize request will be issued against app.auth0 domain tenant (my app auth0 tenant), the docs mention that you need to create separate tenant for each organization if I want to have separate authorize domain, but other parts of the document mention that I’m allowed up to three paid tenants for my account, does this limit not apply to tenants with organizations?

Hello @kamlan19922 welcome to the community!

I agree the docs are a bit confusing when it comes to multi-tenant vs. multiple Auth0 tenants - Would you mind pointing me in the direction of where the paid tenant limit is mentioned? This might be something that depends on your subscription, but is generally only recommended if no other multi-tenant configuration will work. At this time at this time it’s only possible to configure 1 custom domain per tenant (Auth0 instance). This is a popular request so I definitely recommend upvoting this feedback request.

Hope this helps!

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