How to create organization specific roles

Requirement: I want to create organisation specific role so that an organisation can define its role (i.e decide what permissions are part of a role).

For example if I have an admin role and ORG-A decides it will have x,y,z permissions where as ORG-B might decide to only assign x,y Permissions to that role.

Current Solution: Our current solution involves creating 2 seperate roles for both the orgs in this way
1 ORGA_Admin
2 ORGB_Admin

and allow ORG-A to change the permissions for ORGA_Admin role and allow ORG-B to change permissions for ORGB_Admin.

this involves creating multiple roles per organisation and keep them separated so that the org can have control over its roles.

The Problem: The issue we are facing is this eats up into the 1000 role entity limit places on the tenant. and if an organisation wants to create more roles we are expected to hit this limit even faster.

Proposed Solution from our developer team:
Our team proposes adding new tenants per organisation so that each org has its own auth0 tenant if so we would have to programatically create new tenants and change our architecture accordingly. Is This Possible and how many tenants can we create in this manner?

Please suggest if our solution is implementable or any alternative work around to this problem.

Hi @mahitej , welcome to Auth0!

Most customers are limited to 50 separate tenants unless approved by support, but the number of tenants with paid features may be different and it is agreement-specific. (That’s why it’s best to contact the support with this question).

A good information is that multi-tenants multi-organizations architecture is supported - Multi-Tenant Applications Best Practices.

This feature (programmatic creation of tenants) is, unfortunately, currently unsupported.

But there is a product feature request for that in the community and you are welcome to give it +1. - Create Tenants via Management API - #2 by rueben.tiow

Please let us know any questions!

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