Share Organization in tanent

We have purchased the below B2C - Professional package.

Problem statement: Not able to share the organisation and its connected application.

I have seen that the tenant admin can invite users with different rights. e.g admin, editor application only…

I want to share only the single organization with admin rights to that org only so the invited org admin can perform operations only on that org and its connected application.

Hi @rjadi ,

Currently, we can not associate the organization users with the tenant members. If I understand correctly, you want to configure tenant members with access (read and write) permission to some applications in the tenant. What you can do is assign the Editor - Specific Apps role to the tenant members and select the applications they need access.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if any further queries around this topic.


Thanks for the replay,

I want to create the admin for specific org only, he/she can add new members and assign to specific role to that specific organization only.

As per your solution i can assign only specific application to user so they can access only that application but what about the organization in that case, Is he/she can be able to see the organization as well.

One moe help required in case of, what kind of custom action is required for the when assigning the admin role for specific organization.

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