Assigning a application to an organisation

Hi, I’m pretty new to Auth0. 3 have 3 applications in our React frontend, I’ve created the 3 applications in Auth0.

Our members are part of a company/organisation. We would like to assign certain applications to a organisation. So we can upsell applications to our members.

I’ve created the organisation, members & applications. I would like to assign applications to certain organisations.

Although the tag for the tenant is production, it keeps saying " Want to use this feature in production? Upgrade Plan".

Is this the correct way of doing it please?

Hey there @sharry.stowell welcome to the community!

It looks like your tenant is subscribed to the B2C Essentials plan - I think you may need to switch/upgrade to B2B Essentials (includes 50 Organizations). See the B2B toggle here:

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I’ll check it out.

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