Adding remember browser to custom Guardian multifactor widget

I have a custom Guardian multifactor widget that asks for code from SMS when users log in. It is using the auth0-guardian.js library, as in the sample here:

Now I’d like to add the remember me on this browser option, just like the original Guardian widget has. However, there seems to be no support for that in the auth0-guardian.js library. Also, I cannot find any hints in documentations, and I cannot quite see how is this implemented in the original widget in mfa-widget-1.3.0.min.js, as only the minified version of it seems to be available in public.

I can only see that at some point a POST request is made to with rememberBrowser: true parameter.

Could someone give any further hints on how to do this properly?

Based on looking at the library repository and the information you provided it seems that you would need to do something like:

auth0GuardianJS.formPostHelper('{{ postActionURL }}', {
  signature: payload.signature,
  rememberBrowser: /true_or_false_depending_on_user_choice/

Yes, that seems to work.