Remember browser with classic universal custom mfa

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I’m using classic universal login with a custom MFA page using the guardian js library. I would like to allow a user to tick a checkbox that lets them keep their session for 30 days just like the MfaWidget does. However, I cannot find a way to do this.

I am aware that I can set up the mfa session rule to keep a user logged in for the duration of their session. However, how can I let the user make this decision? They should be able to tick a “remember browser” option and if ticked, MFA will not be prompted again. However, if left unticked, the user should get a challenge again on next login.

How can I detect the user’s choice with rules in this way?

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Seems like this has been already answered in this topic. Adding remember browser to custom Guardian multifactor widget

Can you please check it and let us know if that helps?

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Is there a way to view the payload in rules? This does work but I don’t really understand how or why. There’s no visible metadata passed to rules or user that I can tell.