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Source for Auth0MFAWidget (and Usage docs)


I see usage of and reference to Auth0MFAWidget ( and however I don’t see the code for Auth0MFAWidget in any of the Auth0 repos (I do see however this doesn’t seem to have the widget).

  1. where can I find the (unminified, original source code?)
  2. is there a more complete set of documentation on what can be passed into the widget?

Hey there @alex7!

Super stoked that you got interested in using MFA widget!

  1. We do not host publicly the source code for our mfa-widget

  2. That’s the only doc we have for customisation options: [edit]

Let me know if that helps!


I think that is a private repos as I am getting a 404 when trying to access it.


Hey sorry didn’t check that it’s private indeed (we do not host the code of the mfa-widget publicly). Can you tell me more why do you need it so we can potentially find another solution?



The customization docs seems a little sparse so I wanted to take a look at the source. I was looking on how to change the copy, especially around the instructions asking for the initial SMS number in the case of setting up SMS guardian.


Gotchya. The only reference points I can provide you with in terms of the widget optimisation are those:

So the most appropriate one in terms of modifying the copy is the last one (which you’ve checked so far).

Let me know if I can help you any other way!


So I have a few customization questions.

  1. How do I remove the auth0 logo at the top (I just want to remove, it not replace it with my own).
  2. How do I remove the auth0 logo at the bottom
  3. How I change the text: “Please enter your phone in order to enroll.” or “A code will be sent to this number:”

Also would be nice if there was a way to skip this final step and go directly to our site:


Hey @alex7!

Got it. Not sure if you’ll be able to skip the step you mentioned but you can definitely customise the look and text content overriding the css.

Let me know if it works for you!

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