Disable (Gr)avatar on Auth0MFAWidget


We are setting up MFA using Classic Universal Login and the Auth0MFAWidget. There is a requirement to disable to (Gr)avatar lookup, which we have already done for the main Lock widget on Universal Login.

I had a look around, but I cannot find anything about that in the documentation and the source code is not publicly available. Is it possible to disable the avatar feature on the Auth0MFAWidget and if so, how is it done?


P.S.: apologies if the tags for this question aren’t exactly right. Apart from the mfa tag, I am not sure if any apply, but I was required to add at least two tags.

For the time being, I found a workaround: the avatar can be hidden through CSS, this worked for me:

/** Hide the user's (Gr)avatar, if any is found. */
#container .auth0-lock-header-avatar {
  display: none;

It’s based on the assumption that the Auth0MFAWidget is inside a div with ID container. Using a by-ID selector means this CSS is more specific than the CSS included with Auth0MFAWidget and so overrides built-in styles.