Can I have MFA in a Custom UI Hosted Login Page?

I want to enable MFA (SMS, Google Authenticator) in our login workflow that uses a Custom UI Hosted Login Page. That is, it does not use the Lock widget. (We can’t use the Lock Widget because it doesn’t support multiple Active Directory connections.)

This would be for Authorization Code and Implicit grant types. (I already see some docs about Resource Owner grant and MFA, but I don’t believe that will work here.)

Is this possible? Or does MFA require the Lock widget?

If possible, can anyone point me to any documentation?


Hey @darin, I wanted to apologize for the delay in response. You aren’t required to use Lock when it comes to MFA, you can also use Auth0.js. I have linked some useful docs we have on the subject below that may help you in your quest. If have any questions on the topic that expand on it further I would be happy to help!

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