Multifactor authentication for custom login and custom signup


I am using a custom signup and custom login for my application using auth0. I would like to implement multifactor authentication for my application i.e get sms verification code when logging in from different device or ipaddress.
For sign up i am using : /dbconnections/signup
For login i am using : /oauth/token

technology: angularjs 1.0 for frontend and node js for backend.

You can read about how to setup multifactor authentication in general at:

Given you mention that you want to use an additional factor based on SMS the following documentation would also be relevant:

I am not using lock widget. I am using custom login and api calls to perform authentication. I found the solution for my problem. Below links will help others who are having similar problem.

  1. This api call will return a link in the response to set up guardian.
    Auth0 Management API v2

  2. This api call will return mfa token which is used to send code to the device
    Authentication API Explorer

  3. This api call will take the code sent to the device and authenticates
    Authentication API Explorer (Verify MFA using OTP)

Hey, thanks for sharing this. Were you able to imitate the initial device setup through APIs? I couldn’t find any public API for enrolling a device.