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Guardian mfa Remember browser by default, disable reactivation code


Hi all

We’re using the Guardian Multifactor for our business and we have two specific requirements:

  1. We need to hide the “Remember this browser” checkbox on the Guardian MFA hosted page for sms verification. When one of our users log in for the first time, we still want to send them a verification txt, but we want multifactor to remember their browser for 30 days by default, because it will cost our business to send an sms every time the user logs in.

Is there a way to force Guardian mfa to remember user’s browser on first login?

  1. We also don’t want to use the recovery code feature that appears after the user logs in for the first time and verifies their phone number, is there a way to hide this feature or turn it off?

Thanks for your support.


We are also interested in disabling / hiding the “recovery code” feature as it is confusing to users and we allow admins to re set account as a fall back.