Add Member Button Missing from Tenant Dashboard


While trying to add a new tenant member in the tenant dashboard settings, the Add Member button, which is used for adding a new tenant member, is missing.

The button can be observed in the document Add Tenant Members.

See the screenshot for an example of an environment that is missing the Add Member button:


Having the Tenant Member Management flag enabled in the Team Dashboard Settings will change the way Tenants are invited and will remove the Add Member button from the Tenant Dashboard → Settings → Tenant Members .


Add members from the Team Dashboard instead of the Tenant Dashboard.

  • Go to Members in the Team Dashboard and click on the name of a member you want to assign to a tenant.
  • If the member is not visible in the members tab, invite them to the team first with the Invite a Member button.
  • After you click on a member, use the Add Tenant Access button to assign them to a tenant linked to this team.

See Assign Team Member to Tenants with Tenant Member Management for more details

Note: removing tenant members and editing their roles is still done from the Tenant Dashboard > Settings > Tenant Members.

If the Tenant Member Management button is visible from the Settings tab in the Team Dashboard, then it is possible to disable this feature and have the Add Member button visible from the Tenant Dashboard > Settings > Tenant Members page.