Active tenant not showing in 'Switch Tenant' list

I have a tenant that has been active for a couple of years that is no longer showing up in my dashboard. This tenant hasn’t required any adjustment or attention since the initial set-up so I cannot say when it fell off. The single app that uses this tenant is still in use and there are no issues logging in, however, I cannot gain access to add/manage user accounts. Any help on next steps would be appreciated.

Hi @ericAtZesio ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The active tenant not showing in the Switch Tenant list could be related to your email being no longer a member of this tenant.

Could you please reach out to an Admin of this tenant to check if your email is a tenant member, and if not, then add you as the tenant member? This article explains the steps.

If you are not sure who is the Admin of this tenant, please DM me your email and the name of the tenant. I will check this further.

Hope this helps!