Missing tenant in https://support.auth0.com/tenants/

I have 3 tenants working fine, but when I go to Auth0 Support Center I only see 2 tenants.
but in the left top corner menu (switch tenant), I see my 3 tenants!!
I have free plan
I attached 2 screenshots.


Hey there!

All of your tenants are on free tier?

Can you confirm whether it’s still there or was it a temporary issues? Thank you!

Yes is still there. All my tenants are free tier for the moment.

Got it. Can I ask you to send me the tenant name of the tenant that you can’t see in the reports? Please do that through a private message here in the forum.

Hi Konrad, I’m seeing the same thing as this user. I have three tenants but only two are shown in the support dashboard. I don’t see an option to DM you.

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Nevermind! I can DM people now. Continuing there…

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Perfect! I’ll reach out to you there!