Missing tenant in https://support.auth0.com/tenants/

I have 3 tenants working fine, but when I go to Auth0 Support Center I only see 2 tenants.
but in the left top corner menu (switch tenant), I see my 3 tenants!!
I have free plan
I attached 2 screenshots.


Hey there!

All of your tenants are on free tier?

Can you confirm whether it’s still there or was it a temporary issues? Thank you!

Yes is still there. All my tenants are free tier for the moment.

Got it. Can I ask you to send me the tenant name of the tenant that you can’t see in the reports? Please do that through a private message here in the forum.

Hi Konrad, I’m seeing the same thing as this user. I have three tenants but only two are shown in the support dashboard. I don’t see an option to DM you.

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Nevermind! I can DM people now. Continuing there…

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Perfect! I’ll reach out to you there!

I have same issue - three tenants on free tier but none of them displaying in support portal. Any ideas?


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Can you send me all the details via private message here as well? Thanks!

Hey there everyone!

A little bit of an update. It seems like the team is aware of the issue as they identified the core reason. They started working on the fix so will let you know once it gets deployed. Once more sorry for the inconvenience!

The fix has been deployed and everything should be displayed correctly now.