User Unable to Access Tenant even when they Appear in the Members List

Problem statement

A new tenant member was invited. They accepted the invite and are showing in the tenant member list with their email address. However, when logging into Auth0, they cannot see the tenant they were invited to.


First, have the user check that the tenant is unavailable when clicking on the Switch tenants option. If they have many tenants, they may need to scroll down to see all of them.


If the tenant is still unavailable, an admin can view the signup method used by the Dashboard tenant member by going to Dashboard > Tenant Settings > Tenant Members.

This is important because users can create Auth0 accounts in different ways. For example, they can sign up with a social provider (e.g., Google, GitHub) and then sign up again using their email address. So they could have multiple Auth0 accounts.

Once the user knows which authentication method they use to accept the invitation, they can choose the correct login method and access the tenant.

In any case, if the tenant is still unavailable to them, we recommend sending a new invite.

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