Access Denied error on Try Connection action [Yahoo]


When I try to connect to the Yahoo, getting access denied error, details are below;

  "date": "2022-01-06T21:52:39.689Z",
  "type": "f",
  "description": "invalid scope",
  "connection": "yahoo",
  "connection_id": "con_mVcjX7KNLJZvT3Wx",
  "client_id": "***********",
  "client_name": "the app. Yahoo",
  "ip": "",
  "user_agent": "Mobile Safari 13.1.0 / iOS 13.4.0",
  "details": {
    "body": {},
    "qs": {
      "error": "invalid_scope",
      "error_description": "invalid scope",
      "state": "3mxJuqYL3YWl9rdp7D6uFpN_ImhMrNMu"
    "connection": "yahoo",
    "error": {
      "message": "invalid scope",
      "oauthError": "access_denied",
      "type": "oauth-authorization"
    "session_id": "ikHQh9yr8xVM48sxrGY1x7LBsHHjMMzT"
  "hostname": "***************",
  "strategy": "yahoo",
  "strategy_type": "social",
  "log_id": "90020220106215244284906298675284120521481026953294118914",
  "_id": "90020220106215244284906298675284120521481026953294118914",
  "isMobile": true

What may the problem?

Hi @ahmeterdogan4,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you have issues authenticating with the Yahoo Social Connection.

First, could you clarify if you have configured the Yahoo Social Connection with your Yahoo Client ID and Client Secret?

And could you clarify whether using the default Auth0 Developer Keys allow you to login to Yahoo?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Ohh yes… OpenID Connect Permissions should be turned on.


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